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Speculative New Beginning: Maribor+

a social and economic organisation model for near future in Maribor
Speculative New Beginning - Maribor+


Title Future Friends Speculative Design Conference & Workshop
Period 14-18 April 2019
Institution ITD Institute for Transmedia Design & University of Split
Location Maribor / Slovenia

About the Training School

Speculative Edu Objective of the Training Event is to discuss speculative design and possible futures with an emphasis on the "real world"; that is, responding to the needs of people, society, public policy, and economy.

The workshop "New Beginning" investigated alternative models for social and economic organisation for the near future. The intention was to reflect on (and analyse) some of the past organisational models and movements, which had mostly disappeared by the end of the 20th century.

We designed a social model of alternative social system of the near future placed called: MARIBOR+

Developed Concept

Project Name MARIBOR+ amazon actively aging

Group Heather Griffin
Jasmina Weiss
Joatan Preis Dutra
Marketa Dolejsova
Savic Viktorija
Upendra Vaddadi

Under supervision of:
Ivica Mitrovic & Oleg Suran
University of Split

Download Final Presentation Speculative New Beginning - MARIBOR+
(25 slides, in PDF format)

Video: Final Presentation

Video: Final Presentation - Link Maribor+ speculative concept