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Games for Cities Training School

Cities, Public Space, Play, Circular Economy
Games for Cities Training School


Title Games for Cities:
Cities, Public Space, Play, Circular Economy
Period 10-14th October 2016
Institution Lectorate of Play & Civic Media,
Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
Location Amsterdam / Netherlands

About the Training School

Games for Cities Training School In the Games for Cities Training School, participants explored the design of playful installations and urban games in public spaces as a means of 'citizen empowerment'. In particular, participants investigated how play and games can be used to engage and activate citizens around the advent of a 'circular economy', with a focus on the flows of food and waste.

In this training school, participants explored the affordances of city games in urban public space and deployed these to the theme of the circular economy, with a focus on the flows of food and waste, taking in consideration how can urban games in public space activate citizens around this theme.

During five days' programme, participants worked in small interdisciplinary teams towards the design of a prototype for a city game that is to take place in the urban public space in Amsterdam. The programme included lectures from and discussions with city game designers and leading researchers in this field.

Objectives To explore the use and design of games and play as activators for public spaces, through lectures, discussions, studio sessions, playing city games themselves, and a hands on approach in which they collaboratively designed a prototype for an urban game in small teams.

Making a connection between playful dynamics in public spaces and make those productive in relation to the theme of the circular economy with a focus on the flows of food and waste.

Lectures taken Introducing Circularity and Games for Cities
by Ekim Tan, Martijn de Waal & Gabriele Ferri, Sladjana Mijatovic, Giammarco Zaccaria

City Game Talk Sho
speakers: Lucy Chamberlain, Ilaria Mariani, Kars Alfrink, Francesca Miazzo, Michiel de Lange

Urban Game Design
by Kars Alfrink

by Lucy Chamberlain

Participatory Processes
by Silvia Tagliazucchi

Architecture & Planning
by Maria Tome Nuez

Play Ethics: when games aren't the answer
by Michael Nagenborg

Visual Methods
by Ryan Pescatore Frisk

by Lada Hrsak

Developed Game Concept

Inspiration The Wasted Lab project (, a neighbourhood laboratory for plastic waste upcycling, based on Amsterdam-Noord.

Objective Re-frame the value of plastic.

Because of the low visibility of the reuse of the plastic in the community. We wanted to re-energize this part of economy & bring it back into community ownership as a material to be creative with.
Enable community to explore and recover value in a more tangible, social and hands-on manner (community of practice).
Transform perception of plastic, from trash into something of infinite use and beauty. Plastic collection is making your neighbourhood colourful.

Game Concept

Group Nela Milic
Joatan Preis Dutra
Petra Marguc
Scott Gaule

Download Final Presentation Funplastic Game
(26 slides, in PDF format)