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Workshop: Digital Media & Urban Spaces - Mapping and Visualization


Title MediaCity 4
Period 3-4th May 2013
Institution University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
Location Buffalo / NY / USA

About the MediaCity 4

The MediaCities The fourth MediaCity reflects on pluralities and globalities, on MEDIACITIES everywhere. MEDIACITIES aimed to expand our understanding of both media and the city today, and to articulate new sites of practice and working methods for an expanding field.

The Workshop: Digital Media & Urban Spaces - Mapping and Visualization This workshop looked into the urban scenario in order to identify the presence of digital media in public spaces, based on a methodology for empirical research using GPS and geo-tagging techniques to categorize items under similar characteristics and functions. Categories allow an understanding of the role on digital media in urban scenarios, based on concepts of communication theory, soft urbanism, mediatization and new media.

The practical part took the participants to selected areas of Buffalo. After collecting data, there was an introduction about how to prepare, visualize and analyze the data in interactive applications.

Workshop Authors: Joatan Preis Dutra
Ivana Raquel Ebel
Gabriel Rausch

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