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Projects and Research Statement

Research Statement

Being originally from humanities field, shifting to design and mobile media, I made my academic portfolio positively interdisciplinary. On my past research projects, I aimed to align culture and technology, with emphasis on usability aspects, such as cultural hARitage project (a project dealing with Augmented Reality and Cultural Heritage), or even my current PhD project, dealing with mobile heuristics for world heritage sites of UNESCO. One of my main interests is how the users can get cultural context-aware / location-based information in a variety set of formats: museum applications, mobile games, augmented reality and mobile apps.

Summarizing the topics that I am interested in research:

  • Mobile design and Context-Aware / Location-Based interaction
  • UX
  • Interface Design for different scenarios
    (AR, Games, eTourism, etc)
  • How using technologies to spread and preserve culture
  • Cross-platform Media Design
During my academic activities, were developed two projects, the mobileHIVE during my Master degree in Digital Media (Bremen/Germany), and more recently the cultural hARitage along with my PhD research (Weimar/Germany).
On both projects I played the role as administrator and designer leader.

cultural hARitage

Augmented Reality & Cultural Heritage
Belgium / Greece / Germany - 2014

The target content for this project is a combination of augmented reality technology with cultural heritage content. The content can be applied for different city backgrounds, from UNESCO's World Heritage Sites to Mythology, as can be seen on the developed project on Belgium, Greece and Germany.

cultural hARitage
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Context-Aware Mobile Game
Bremen / Germany - 2011

The StreetDroids is an open mobile game where the users/players can contribute to its expansion by an available web-editor, being able also to apply the created missions on different games scenarios, taking place in the real environment, following the concept of pervasive gaming or real world mission games.

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Short-term projects

Along with the PhD and Master studies, several short-term projects were developed, with a variety of interdisciplinary topics such as Games for Cities, ICTs for Sustainable Tourism, Smart Cities, Urban Media and Digital Media.

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