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Interculturalism in historical education

International conference
Interculturalism in historical education


Title Interculturalism in historical education
Period 20-22nd April 2015
Institution POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews,
in partnership with the European Wergeland Center in Norway and with support from the Council of Europe.
Location Warsaw / Poland

About the conference

Interculturalism in historical education The conference adressed the question of how to use knowledge and reflection about the past to build attitudes of openness in today's globalizing world and harness the potential of diversity on the local level.

It was presented and discussed methods of intercultural learning, civic education and education on human rights, with a focus on how to use education to prevent and combat discrimination, anti-Semitism, racism and hate speech.

The conference counted with the participation of scholars conducting research on interculturalism and intercultural education, as well as practitioners - museum professionals, representatives of non-governmental organizations and cultural institutions, educators, teachers, those conducting projects in the field of multi- and interculturalism, as well as all those interested in the subject.

The conference program comprised lectures, panel discussions, films and workshops. The lectures and panel discussions were conducted by invited experts from Poland and abroad. Workshops were conducted by experts and activists who submitted their proposals in response to an open call.

Workshops taken Historical Biographies and Multiple Identities: Setting the Stage for Intercultural Historical Learning
by Karen Polak (Anne Frank House, Amsterdam), Flora Suen (Anne Frank Zentrum, Berlin)

Displaced Germans in the Collective Memory of Poles
by Jolanta Steciuk, Zuzanna Piechowicz (Stowarzyszenie Mlodych Dziennikarzy - Polis)

The Beit Project: Using the City for Educational Purposes
by David Stoleru, Arielle Margaux (The Beit Project Association, Barcelona)

Freedom of Speech vs. Hate Speech: Challenges in Setting Limits
by Monika Mazur-Rafal (Humanity in Action, Polska)