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IPCity Summer School

Vienna University of Technology
IPCity Summer School


Title IPCity Summer School - Storytelling Workshop
Period 22-25th September 2009
Institution Vienna University of Technology - Faculty of Informatics
Location Vienna / Austria

About the IPCity

The IPCity Project The IPCity is an EU funded Sixth Framework programme Integrated project on Interaction and Presence in Urban Environment, investigating analytical and technological approaches to presence in real life settings.

The Story-Telling Workshop The "Story-Telling/City Tales" workshop was combined with mixed reality and urban environment, where book stories were applied at the Naschmarkt (the main public market in the city) in Vienna, through mobile devices with MR Player installed, reading printed markers placed at the 12 points of interest across the market.

This experience offered the opportunity to gain both the experience and skills necessary to work in location aware games and mixed reality storytelling. Despite being a short time project, it was possible to work on concepts, to create material and to present the results, which brought a solid experience and different perspective than a long-term project.

About the Workshop

Watch Workshop Video Presentation Story-Telling - Workshop Presentation
(@ YouTube)

Download Workshop Presentation (30 PPT pages, in PDF format)

Download Report (56 pages, in PDF format)
D9.4 - Final Demonstrator of City Tales II application 'Second City'