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Co-Creating of Inclusive and Digital Mediated Public Spaces

Games for Cities Training School


Title Co-Creating of Inclusive and Digital Mediated Public Spaces
Period 13-16th February 2017
Institution CeiED Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Education and Development
Universidade Lusófona
Location Lisbon / Portugal

About the Training School

Co-Creating of Inclusive and Digital Mediated Public Spaces In the Workshop Co-Creating of Inclusive and Mediated Public Spaces, participants explored the concept of inclusiveness and co-creation of public spaces as a means of citizen empowerment and user oriented design, towards maximising the response to user needs. In particular, participants reflected on the interactions between people, places, and technology in creating open spaces mashed-up with technology and will investigate how to make use of the opportunities opened up digital technologies to engage and activate citizens around the public spaces in urban areas.

No doubt, digital technologies have greatly changed society and the way people communicate and interact. In turn, digital technologies enable people to capture and share personal experiences in new ways that create new forms of learning, gathering, and communicating across multiple contexts.

This workshop served two fold objectives:
1) introduce the issues of CyberParks to specific stakeholders, and
2) gain insights about how decisions in city councils are taken that concerns public spaces and ICT strategies by setting the topic citizen's participation in the centre of discussion.

Participants The workshop was designed as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and the targeted participants were young urban designers, planners and landscape architects working in the public sector, public managers, policy makers and enablers, urban and cultural activists, PhD Students and Early Stage Career researchers working in the fields of inclusion/diversity strategies and participatory processes.

Lectures taken CREATIVE LANDSCAPES: from culture to creativity. People enjoying CyberSpaces
by Monica Bocci

Technological pillars to enable Smarter (Collaborative + Inclusive) Environments: Internet of Things, Web of Data and Citizen Participation
by Diego López-de-Ipiña

Smart cities without people? Foucault, Deleuze and the subjectivation process
by Catarina Patricio

Challenges of co-creation of public spaces
Ina Suklje Erjavec

Empowered by data - citizen and public space
by Kai Dolata

Technologies of Anthropogenic Spaces: co-creation aspects in co-mediated landscapes
by Konstantinos Ioannidis

Walk to plan | Plan to walk: Walking as a tactile method in urban planning
by Marluci Menezes & Diogo Mateus

Playful Publics - The production of public space through play
by Martijn De Waal

Educational dimension of CyberParks: technology enhance outdoor learning as a concept of learning in CyberParks
by Michal Klichowski

Safe and Inclusive Public Spaces
by Tatiana Ruchinskaya

Developed Principles

Objective In a four days' programme, participants worked in small interdisciplinary teams towards increasing the understanding on approaches for the co-creation of inclusive public open spaces via digital devises. The programme included lectures from and discussions with urban designers and leading researchers in related field.

Participants worked on elaborating principles for co-creating of inclusive & mediated Public Spaces

Principles' paper result: (16 pages, in PDF format)